August 8, 2015

Planning Matters

Virginia Estate Planning Matters

You are never too young, too old, too poor, or too wealthy to start or revise your estate plan. It’s common to think of estate planning as something you do for yourself when you’re very old. But it’s not. Estate planning is something you do for the people you love, and who love you. It is a gift to others in your life. It is a gift they may not even notice or understand until you’re gone, but when they do see it, they’ll be reminded of how much you loved them. Great estate planning means those you leave behind will remember and think of you fondly, and not be burdened with unbearable details of probate and property. So when you think about estate planning, think about the life of those you love rather than your own death. Good planning is a beautiful gift to them.

Good Reasons for An Estate Plan

  • Leaving property to specific people, groups of people, or charities
  • Ensuring children are cared for
  • Giving instructions in case you become unexpectedly incapacitated
  • Reducing estate taxes
  • Avoiding probate (an expensive and time consuming legal process)
  • Ensuring survival or ownership of a family business
  • Leaving a legacy with your favorite church or charitable organization
  • Allowing successful transfer of certain firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act
  • Creating a college fund for children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren
  • Communicating your ethical, moral, or religious values to future generations
  • Taking care of your spouse or significant other in your life

Estate Planning on the Virginia Peninsula

We provide excellent and customized estate planning for clients in Williamsburg, Yorktown, Hampton, and Newport News Virginia. No online ‘template’ forms to fill out. We meet with you and develop a custom plan that is drafted for you and your life. Then we develop a plan for ongoing updates as your life changes. Our unique Life Stage Planning approach meets you where you are, and prepares you for your future.

Probate Law, Estate Planning, Trusts and Wills

Whether you need help drafting a will, creating a trust, administering an estate, or litigating a dispute over a will or other estate document, Elliott Estate Planning provides diligent representation to walk beside you through the process. We can devise plans and services to meet the needs of the Virginia Peninsula, including our elder population, as well as younger families just starting out. It’s important to remember that estate planning is more than just writing a will. Clients gain help organizing the things you own, and avoid family fights. In many situations, a well-done estate plan will keep your property from going to the government after you die.

Smart estate planning is complicated and almost always involves living wills, various trusts, and other legal documents that should be custom-drafted for you and your unique situation and then updated regularly through the years. Based in Yorktown, Elliott Estate Planning serve clients in Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News and anywhere on the Virginia Peninsula and throughout Hampton Roads. We create long-term value through our personal relationships with our clients, keeping them updated on changes in the law, and working with them to face new issues in estate planning and elder law as it relates to their families.