Codicil for Changing Circumstances

Time brings many change’s in a person’s life. People marry, divorce, and remarry. Children are born, grow up, and have families of their own. Relationships change. Personal assets accumulate. The family home becomes an upscale condominium. Regardless of what changes life brings, such changes can have an impact of on the disposition of your estate. To keep your will up-to-date with life’s changes, you need to consider a codicil.


The Handwritten Will: Prevent Poor Planning with Elliot Estate Planning

When it comes to estate protection after death, no one really wants to talk about the topic. Mostly due to the association with death, mortality, and all the essentially unanswerable questions that have inspired poets and philosophers for centuries. But, prior planning prevent poor estate disposition results. The best example of a failure to properly plan: the Handwritten will.


Wills: Avoiding Common Mistakes

It’s always a great idea to have an estate planning attorney custom-write your will. When you draft  your own will, use software, an online service, or a fill-in-the-blank template, the chance of critical mistakes rises dramatically. Here are the most common mistakes, omissions, and critical problems that I see from pre-printed or web-based wills. Leaving Read more about Wills: Avoiding Common Mistakes[…]


Estate Planning: Every Small Business Owner’s Guide

Your small business or new startup has launched to great success. Rightfully so; you’ve invested immense time, energy, and money to make it a success. But did you consider the personal financial challenges that come along with being your own boss? For many entrepreneurs, taking care of themselves personally comes second to running their business. Read more about Estate Planning: Every Small Business Owner’s Guide[…]


Why Every Parent Needs an Estate Plan

Families with Children Need An Estate Plan Wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents are not just for older or wealthier individuals. Young families with children have critical estate planning needs that can help ensure the safety and security of their children now, and in the future. But sitting down to talk with an estate Read more about Why Every Parent Needs an Estate Plan[…]


Local Attorney for Wills and Trusts

As a lifelong resident of York County, Virginia I am happy to be practicing in Yorktown, Williamsburg, and all of the Virginia Peninsula. The opportunity to serve clients from my hometown and the surrounding communities means a lot to me, especially since I believe in a traditional approach to working with clients and their families. Read more about Local Attorney for Wills and Trusts[…]