July 18, 2015


Last-Will-Test Do I Need a Will?

Are you human?  If so, you need a will. This legal document is nothing more than a set of instructions to help your loved ones in case of your death. Some people assume that if they are not married or do not have children, then they don’t need a will. This is not good advice. If there are people in your life who love you, then you can give them a great gift by doing some basic planning for the ‘just in case’ senario.

A will is the minimum that everyone should do; it is the first building block for your total estate plan, and it may be all you need right now. If you start with a will, you can continue to assess your needs in the years to come. As  your life changes, you can update your will and consider whether other more advanced state planning tools have become necessary. Your will is the centerpiece of your estate plan, and a great starting point for anyone who hasn’t done any estate planning at all. Drafting a customized will, just for your life and your situation, is not too expensive and allows you to develop a relationship with your attorney. In the years to come, you and your attorney will re-evaluate your estate plan as your life changes or family grows.

But Things Change Too Much For A Will

This is a common objection to starting out your estate plan:  life is moving too fast. But throughout your life your will can change. You should think of a will as a living document that will adjust as your life adjusts. If you work with Elliott Estate Planning, we’ll help you stay on top of what changes must be made to your will to keep pace with your life.

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